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ARMY Shoe Charms ✧ Set of Five

ARMY Shoe Charms ✧ Set of Five

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At Checkout, request your favorite bias of this group in the 'Notes' Section for an increased chance of getting a free Photocard of that Bias!

Calling all ARMYs! Show off your love for your favorite group with this K-Pop inspired shoe charm set, perfect for your Crocs. Whether you're a fan of them or just love cute designs in general, our charms are a must-have accessory for any Crocs lover.


- Measuring at 3-4 cm, each charm is lightweight, with a full set weighing only 1 oz.

- One set comes with 5 Unique Charms.

- Shoes Not Included. These are accessories that suit Crocs, but we are not affiliated with the brand.

We do not claim ownership over any logos or designs associated with the group. This is NOT Official Merch.

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