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(Now In Stock!!) TW Reusable Nylon Tote

(Now In Stock!!) TW Reusable Nylon Tote

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Calling all Onces! What can hold up to 44 lbs., is machine washable, and will be your new grocery shopping bestie? This bag, of course! Bring along your favorite K-Pop Girls along with you to every grocery trip and errand run!

Length, Width, Height: 35 x 8 x 55 cm
Made of 100% rip-stop nylon
Holds up to 44 lbs.
Machine Wash Cold, Line Dry

Disclaimer: Please note that this listing is a creative project created in admiration of this K-Pop group. We do not claim ownership over any logos or designs associated with the group. This is NOT Official Merch.

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